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Healthy Overnight Oats

October 14, 2017


My best friend and I started working out at night and I would wake up starving in the morning. I needed something more filling to start my day and she suggested overnight oats. 




Now whenever I know I am going to have a busy day and need that extra filling meal in the morning, overnight oats are my go to. They are so tasty and packed with goodness – especially with the added Chia Seeds in this recipe. 




If you or a loved one is dairy free, substitute the Greek yogurt with a non-dairy yogurt alternative and it will be just as delicious.





  • 1 Mason Jar
  • 1/3 Cup Gluten Free Oats
  • 1 Tbs Chia Seeds
  • ½ Cup Almond Milk (sweetened or unsweetened is up to you)
  • ½ Cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt (or dairy free alternative)
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • A handful of berries



1. Add all ingredients except for the berries to a mason jar.

2. Stir and refrigerate overnight with the lid on the mason jar.

3. Remove from refrigerator, add berries, give it another stir and eat up.



I have always been a huge fan of Beecher’s cheese and their gluten free meals exceeded my already high expectations. 


Each frozen meal kept getting better and better and I could not stop raving to my friends about how delicious they were!


This might be a cheesy line (get it, punny) but I could not believe they were gluten free.  If you have never tried Beecher’s cheese or frozen meals before, I highly recommend buying some right now! For more details, click this link to their website and see the information below.


Beecher’s “World’s Best” Gluten Free Mac & Cheese



Mac and cheese is one of my all-time favorite foods so I am very picky when it comes to good mac and cheese.  Beecher’s is not exaggerating by putting “world’s best” in the title of this dish.  It almost tasted as delicious as my mom’s homemade mac and cheese, which is saying a lot. 


While it is typically a little pricey, this frozen meal is definitely worth it.  It is large enough to serve two or three people and very filling and satisfying.  My only recommendation is to bake this meal in the oven rather than microwave it for better results. 


From Beecher’s:


A gluten-free diet is one of the fastest growing nutritional diets in America. To meet growing demand, Beecher’s offers a gluten free alternative to “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese that delivers the same delicious flavor and texture as our popular original.


And as with the original, this dish features a healthy amount of Beecher’s Flagship and Just Jack cheeses, with a hint of spice and penne pasta.



Beecher’s Gluten Free Kale and Brown Rice Gratin


I usually am not a fan of cooked kale, but this frozen meal was so good! It’s made up of brown rice mixed with caramelized onions, kale, and Beecher’s Cheese and is both filling and tasty.  For a younger palate, I would stick with something like their mac and cheese or enchilada bowls, but this dish that serves 2-4 is perfect for older kids or adults. 




 Beecher’s Enchilada Bowls and Queso Fundido



Beecher’s keeps getting better and now has a cheese dip Queso Fundido bowl and three varieties of Enchilada Bowls including verde, blanco and rojo. 


These enchilada bowls are a great meal for a chilly fall night.  They are filled with different spices and coated in Beecher’s amazing cheese making every bite flavorful and delectable. 


If you need something to feed the family quickly, these frozen meals will keep everyone happy and wanting more.  The box advises that they are best when cooked in the oven which is what I did but I am sure they would be just as good warmed up in the microwave real quick too. 


Do yourself a favor and keep a few of these in your freezer at all times.




The cheese dip is also spectacular.  My best friend and I chowed down on the whole bowl while watching the Seahawk’s game one night and were very disappointed when we ran out.


Beecher’s Cheese


As you can maybe tell, cheese and all things covered in cheese are my favorite foods and Beecher’s has been a longtime favorite of mine. 




Beecher’s cheese adds a new level of taste and zest when mixed into a salad, eaten with crackers, or baked into homemade mac and cheese.


Each flavor variety left me wanting more.  I was lucky enough to try out the Flagship Reserve, New Woman Cow’s Milk cheese, and Smoked Flagship among others and am about ready to go to the store to buy more!